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 Elevating philanthropy through relationships and insights into gift planning


"Our Mission is to maximize philanthropy throughout Utah and beyond,   by providing timely and accurate information regarding gifting strategies and opportunities within philanthropy, to trusted advisors and nonprofit professionals who work with charitably-minded donors."

The Utah Planned Giving Roundtable (UPGRT) is a network of professionals focused on financial planning and

philanthropy. Members include executive directors, development officers, fundraisers, estate attorneys, financial advisors, wealth advisors, accountants, consultants, and other professionals who advise clients and donors with regard to charitable and planned giving.

Workshops are held quarterly and presented by local and national experts to deliver valuable insights into the latest issues in charitable gift planning and provide the opportunity for networking among fellow gift planning professionals.

Recent topics include:

  • Tax updates with implications for charitable giving
  • Helping business owners give safely
  • Using financial planning to uncover giving opportunities
  • Year-end gift planning issues
  • Bringing a gift together – the role of the donor, gift officer, attorney, and others in realizing a planned gift
  • Practical strategies to increase planned gifts
  • Life insurance as a vehicle to planned giving
  • A look at how women approach family finance and philanthropy

We are eager to meet your needs.

Please send your suggestion for a speaker or topic to admin@upgrt.org

Utah Planned Giving Roundtable’s (UPGRT) Long-Term Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

We envision planned-giving as a field in which practitioners reflect the broad diversity of donors in our community and where the benefits of planned giving are made consistently accessible to all donors and the nonprofits they support. 

We strive to incorporate our DEI commitment with the following action items:

·       Review of Board of Directors and Committee selection procedures and term limits,

·       Continuous and intentional seeking of individuals from diverse backgrounds to join the Board of Directors,

·       Enhancing our outreach and engagement opportunities to a broader population of potential members and volunteers, and

·       Conduct an annual review of our Bylaws and Procedures to ensure they continually meet our expectation of DEI.

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